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The Essentials Bundle

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A group of essential vitamins and minerals to help support your total health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Canteen's Exclusive Essentials bundle includes:

  • Vitamin D3K2 - promotes increased cognition, better immune and bone health and absorption of calcium, while reducing the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Curcumin Plus - a high-absorbency formula that supports better cardiovascular health, reduces body fat and relieves pain and inflammation.
  • HMF Multi Strain 50 Probiotic Formula - a 15-strain probiotic that supports gastrointestinal and immune health, bowel mobility and healthy gut flora.
  • Omega-3 1000mg - supports cognitive health and brain functioning while maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Calcium Magnesium - providing superior bioavailability, this combined supplement helps in the development and maintenance of bones, teeth and proper muscle functioning.

For Instructions: Refer to each product's instructions. Always consult a health professional for your unique and specific needs.

Warning/Caution: If you have any underlying health conditions, please speak with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.